2021 Wedding Trends

2020 was a year the wedding industry was glad to see the back of!

With most couples being forced to scale down, postpone or even cancel their planned weddings last year, it is thought the trend for 2021 and 2022 will be to go bigger and better than ever - and why not!

As some restrictions are likely to remain in place for the start of the 2021 wedding season, we are expecting some couples to plan a two-part wedding, with a small ceremony in the spring, followed by a larger reception at a later date. This can provide the perfect solution for those who are keen to marry soon, but would also like a big celebration. Live streaming was implemented at many weddings which did go ahead in 2020, and with the possibility of travel restrictions continuing for a while, we expect to see this more often moving forwards.

We have all missed our friends and families over the past few months, and are looking forward to socialising again. Weddings provide an ideal opportunity to gather and celebrate in style. So when possible, think extravagance, full-on glamour and most of all - fun! Entertainment will be key, with couples wanting to create a party to remember. The focus will be on atmosphere and guest experience, rather than finer detail.

Statement flowers and décor is expected, with luscious trailing foliage and oversized floral displays where exotic orchids are expected to be a popular choice .Impressive and unusual lighting is also an important feature to adorn both the inside and outside of the wedding venue.

Many of us ignited a love of the great outdoors in 2020, and there has been an increase in couples choosing to host more of their wedding day in beautiful outdoor locations, where any social distancing guidelines can be easily adhered to. (Penshurst Place will be announcing some new options for outdoor weddings and humanist ceremonies soon!).

It is now more important than ever to “buy British” and support the local economy. Therefore brides and grooms are now more likely to choose local wedding suppliers. In particular, locally-sourced or inspired menus are increasing in popularity.

Sadly some couples and their families have experienced loss and very difficult times due to Covid-19, so perhaps the wedding day will provide an opportunity to reflect, with candle-lighting or other touching tributes incorporated into the wedding day. We are expecting many emotional wedding speeches over the coming months.

So bring on 2021! Wedding professionals and couples alike are excited to plan many more wonderful celebration, and regardless of the external forces beyond our control love will always live at Penshurst Place.