Your Wedding and Covid 19

Coronavirus, or Covid-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the weddings, events and hospitality industry. Unable to host events when originally booked, we’re now all scrambling to help you postpone your occasions until a later date when it is safe to do so, something that is often particularly upsetting for couples who were looking to get married with us.

More planning, research, and admin goes into creating your perfect day than some people might think. From hours searching for the right venue online, to weekends spent at show rounds, and multiple phone calls with suppliers – and that’s before we’ve even gotten on to the really fun part like choosing your outfits or wedding party! Having an incident beyond your control take away the day you have been planning for months or even years is heart breaking, and it is more than ok, more than understandable to be sad and even a little angry about that.


With more time at home, more time to plan and new dates to consider, comes opportunity. In times like these looking on the bright side and considering all available options is really important, so we’ve put together this short list to remind you of some things that may not immediately come to mind.

1. Postpone, don’t cancel.

We know this seems obvious, but nearly all suppliers from your florist right up to your venue will have most likely stipulated a cancellation fee in their contract. Usually the amount you would be required to pay is calculated on how close to the wedding date you cancel, and so you could see yourself needing to pay the full amount. In light of the current circumstances, it’s worth checking if your suppliers could offer a reduced postponement fee meaning that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

2. You may need to adapt your wedding to suit a new season.

Early summer weddings are beginning to look less likely to go ahead, and so if Covid-19 forces you to move your wedding to the next season, you may need to adapt some elements of your day to allow for this. Perhaps consider an earlier ceremony to make use of the light, or a different wedding breakfast to include a new selection of seasonal produce. When moving your wedding to a different season, it’s also really important to speak to your photographer or videographer so they can adapt their own photography schedule and location plan to ensure you’re photographed in the settings that most compliment the season. For instance, at Penshurst Place, the King’s Tower and Inner Courtyard look spectacular when lit up at night in the winter, where as in the summer, the parkland is always a great option for early evening photography.

3. Talk to us

If you have any queries, any worries or anything you feel we should know about moving your wedding, please do send us an email. We appreciate this is an incredibly difficult and stressful time for you, and we will do all we can to make sure you feel at ease about your wedding, regardless of whether it has had to change. This situation is very new for us too, but our priority is always you and your day.

4. Treat yourself

If no one has told you this yet, then allow us – treat yourself! If you’ve got extra time to put a few more pennies away before your postponed big day, why not spend them on something to make your day really pop? Maybe there was an extra collection of table decorations, or you wanted a videographer that at the time, you weren’t sure you definitely needed, so why not see if they are still available? You could always put more money away for a honeymoon of a lifetime too, but the point is, you deserve a little something to celebrate not only your big day, but your patience!

If you have any queries or worries at all about your wedding day at Penshurst Place, or if you're looking to book with us, please do get in contact. In the meantime, stay home, stay safe keep your spirits high.